Veteran's Memorial Park Improvement Project


The genesis of the project's financial backing can be traced back to the resounding approval of Proposition 68 by voters in June 2018. This crucial mandate laid the foundation for allocating funds to local governments, apportioned on a per capita basis, with the overarching goal of revitalizing parks and recreational spaces. In adherence to this initiative, grant recipients were prompted to maximize their awarded funds towards the restoration of preexisting infrastructure, as well as the rectification of inadequacies prevalent in communities that lacked equitable access to outdoor environments. Reflecting its demographic size, the city emerged as eligible for a substantial sum of $191,000, a testament to the commitment of fostering vibrant public spaces and addressing spatial disparities within its neighborhoods.




Pass resolution to accept Per Capita Funds

August 17, 2021

Submit grant application

December 31, 2021

Project design

August 2022

Notice to bid

August 2023

Award project

September 2023

Submit Project Completion Package

Dec - Mar 2024

Prop 68 Sign