What Recyclable Materials are Accepted at the Curbside Pick-up?
Aerosol Cans (empty)
Aluminum: cans, beverage and food containers, foil (clean), and pie pans
Books: hardbound, paperback and text books
Bottles: narrow-neck bottles used for food liquids, soap, soda or water - (lightly clean if heavily soiled)
Cardboard and paperboard boxes corrugated boxes, egg containers, food boxes (including cereal boxes), frozen food packaging, mailing boxes, and oversized boxes
Cartons (waxed): used for a liquid such as juices, milk or soups
Glass containers such as bottles and jars (please rinse)
Juice Boxes (clean)
Mail: envelopes with plastic windows
Metal: beverage and food containers
Paper (all colors and types): catalogs, folders, junk mail, magazines, mixed paper, newsprint (all types), non-metallic wrapping paper, office papers, printer paper, school papers and shredded paper
Plastic: bottles and jars with symbols #1 through #7 (narrow neck and screw top – lightly clean if heavily soiled) -e.g., detergent/bleach bottles, juice bottles, milk jugs, soda bottles, water bottles. Containers with symbols #1 through #7 (wide-mouthed – lightly clean if heavily soiled) -e.g., cottage cheese, margarine, mayonnaise, sour cream and yogurt (caps and labels o.k.). Drinking cups and prescription bottles, including lids and caps.
Steel: beverage containers and food (scrap metal is not accepted for curbside Recycle Pick-up, but may be recycled at our
Tin: cans and foil

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