SB 1383

SECTION 14. INSPECTIONS AND INVESTIGATIONS BY JURISDICTION (a) City representatives and/or its designated entity, including Designees are authorized to conduct Inspections and investigations, at random or otherwise, of any collection container, collection vehicle loads, or transfer, processing, or disposal facility for materials collected from generators, or Source Separated materials to confirm compliance with this ordinance by Organic Waste Generators, Commercial Businesses (including Multi-Family Residential Dwellings), property owners, Commercial Edible Food Generators, haulers, Self-Haulers, Food Recovery Services, and Food Recovery Organizations, subject to applicable laws. This Section does not allow the city to enter the interior of a private residential property for Inspection.

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 Commercial Edible Food Generators

Businesses identified as Tier 1 or Tier 2 Generators MUST enter into a contract or written agreement with any or all of the following recovery entities listed below. 

Existing Food Recovery Organization Recipient NameAddress/LocationContact InformationE-mailPhone NumberJurisdiction
Seventh Day Adventist1633 N. Central Ave, CeresJuan Osunajosuna@secondharvest.org209-747-6128Ceres
The Modesto Love Center617 Winmoore Way, # F, ModestoDave 538-9700Modesto
United Samaritans Foundation220 S. Broadway, TurlockMichelle Allenmichelle@unitedsamaritians.org209-668-4853Turlock
The Food Initiative of Greater Stanislaus - City of Modesto Survey120 Kerr Avenue, Modesto, 95354Naomi 572-3117Modesto
GAP Food Pantry-The Well Community Fellowship Church - City of Modesto Survey2500 Claus Road, Modesto, 95355Kelly 551-4463Modesto
Victory in Praise - City of Modesto Survey720 G Street, Modesto, 95354Pinky 678-3971Modesto
Saint Joseph's Saint Vincent de Paul - City of Modesto Survey1813 Oakdale Road, Modesto, 95355Jim 447-2633Modesto
Davis Park Church of Christ - City of Modesto Survey901 W. Rumble, Modesto 95354Breeyana 522-7226Modesto
Salvation Army Food Warehouse 600 Janopaul Lane, Modesto 95351Melissa 577-3600Stanislaus Unicorporated
Carpenter's House/New Life Church 1105 S. Carpenter, Modesto 95358Pastor Troy Stein
(209) 526-1971Stanislaus Unicorporated
Nineveh Outreach - City of Modesto Survey1601 Coffee Road, Modesto 95355Bruce 529-7346Modesto
Modesto Gospel Mission - City of Modesto Survey1400 Yosemite Blvd, Modesto 95354John Villines 529-8259Modesto
Modesto Central S.D.A. - City of Modesto Survey1614 H Street, Modesto 95354Carol 521-6460Modesto
Good Samaritan Foodbank at Big Valley Grace Community Church - City Of Modesto Survey4040 Tully Road, ModestoConrad 606-9087Modesto
First Southern Baptist Church132 E Street, WaterfordToni Strangefsbc@fsbcwaterford.com209-652-2066 / 209-874-1812Waterford
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