Vacant Property Registration

The City of Patterson is one of many municipalities throughout California that has been faced with the negative effects of foreclosed, abandoned and vacant properties. Therefore, in 2008, Patterson Municipal Code 6.18 was adopted, which implemented the Vacant and Foreclosed Residential Property Registration Program that addresses many issues that are left behind after vacancy of properties that are in default or are in foreclosure.

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Said code applies to "Property Owners" as defined by code include agents, mortgage lenders, beneficiaries, banks, mortgage servicers, real estate property management firms and or real estate brokers who must comply with the registration, maintenance, and security of vacant and foreclosed residential properties. Key elements of the code are:

  • Within ten (10) days of the purchase and/or transfer of a loan/deed of trust secured by residential property,the new beneficiary/trustee shall record, with the Stanislaus County Recorders Office, an Assignment of Rents
  • If the property is vacant or abandoned, the beneficiary/trustee shall register the property with the City within ten (10) days of transfer, vacancy, or subsequent vacancy.
  • The following annual registration fees are due January 1st of each year and must be received no later than January 31 of the year due:
    • Annual Fee for first registration: $90.00
    • Annual Fee for renewal registration or if registering additional homes with the same contact information as a previously registered home: $80.00.
  • Any change of address or change of contact information must be reported to the City within ten (10) days.
  • The property owner shall maintain the property free of any nuisances.
  • Shall secure the property from unauthorized entry.
  • Post the property with the property manager's name, address, and 24-hour contact phone number. The posting shall be no less than 18" X 24" and shall be of a font that is legible from a distance of forty-five (45) feet and shall contain along with the name and 24-hour contact number, the words, "THIS PROPERTY MANAGED BY" and "TO REPORT PROBLEMS OR CONCERNS CALL". The posting shall be placed on the interior of a window facing the street toward the front of the property so it is visible from the street.

If you have questions regarding the Vacant and Foreclosed Residential Property Registration Program or to report a concern about a vacant property in your neighborhood, please call 209-895-8020 or email us, and one of our staff members will assist you.

Vacant Property Registration Form (PDF)