Water Use Prohibitions

Although the state has rescinded the mandatory conservation standards, the city continues to enforce a mandatory 10 percent reduction in water use from the state's 2013 base year (approved by City Council July 19, 2016). The city does this through enforcement of the water waste ordinance, water patrol and rebate and incentive programs (found on the water conservation webpage).

The water reduction demand measures below are mandated by the state and the city's Drought Contingency Plan. These demand measures are subject to the city's water waste penalties (variances may be issued for health and sanitary reasons).

  1. Repairs to a broken or defective water system must occur within five days from being notified by the city.
  2. Use of water which results in runoff in gutters or streets is prohibited.
  3. Use of water through a hose without a shut-off nozzle is prohibited.
  4. Use of water through a hose for washing building exteriors is prohibited.*
  5. Use of water to wash down driveways and sidewalks is prohibited.*
  6. Use of water for outdoor landscapes during and within 48 hours of measureable rainfall is prohibited.
  7. The serving of water other than upon request in eating or drinking establishments is prohibited.

*Variances may be issued for health and sanitary reasons.

Penalties for Water Waste

Any violation of the provisions of this section shall constitute an infraction and shall be punished by a fine of $25 for the 1st violation after a warning in writing, $50 for a 2nd violation within 1 year, and a fine of $100 for each additional violation within 1 year. The city, at its option, may discontinue the service after the 3rd violation after giving the customer written notice (Section 13.24.400).