Water Conservation

Assembly Bill (AB) 1668 and Senate Bill (SB) 606-May 31, 2018

AB 1668 and SB 606 build on Governor Brown’s ongoing efforts to make water conservation a way of life in California and create a new foundation for long-term improvements in water conservation and drought planning. SB 606 and AB 1668 establish guidelines for efficient water use and a framework for the implementation and oversight of the new standards, which must be in place by 2022. The two bills strengthen the state’s water resiliency in the face of future droughts with provisions that include:

  • Establishing water use objectives and long-term standards for efficient water use that apply to urban retail water suppliers; comprised of indoor residential water use, outdoor residential water use, commercial, industrial and institutional (CII) irrigation with dedicated meters, water loss, and other unique local uses.
  • Providing incentives for water suppliers to recycle water.
  • Identifying small water suppliers and rural communities that may be at risk of drought and water shortage vulnerability and provide recommendations for drought planning.
  • Requiring both urban and agricultural water suppliers to set annual water budgets and prepare for drought.

Water Efficiency Legislation Fact Sheet (May 22, 2020)

AB 160668 and SB 6