WQCF Goes Solar!

In 2011 the City began discussions with Chevron Energy Solutions Company (Chevron ES), a division of Chevron USA Inc., to provide services relating to sustainability and energy conservation projects in the City.Chevron prepared an Integrated Energy and Resource Assessment to determine energy and water use at City buildings and facilities and identify potential energy and/or water conservation measures that would provide significant energy and water savings. After City Council approval, a financing plan was developed to help fund the identified projects in the assessment. The projects chosen for the City were a complete retrofit of all city-owned street lights, upgrade to indoor and outdoor energy-efficient lightening for all city facilities, and the installation of photovoltaic panels at several city facilities; one of these facilities was the City's Water Quality Control Facility (WQCF). Ground mounted solar stuctures were installed on the North and South end of the WQCF.

Economic Benefits

Offsets 90 percent of the center's annual electricity use and provides positive cash flow and budget predictability.

Environmental Benefits

Reduces carbon emissions by an estimated 199 metric tons on the North Array, equivalent to planting 163 acres of trees and 437 metric tons on the South Array equivalent to planting 358 acres of trees.

Community Benefits

Supports the State of California's goal of using clean, renewable power generation and achieving "grid neutral" facilities.

Did you know...

  • On an average October day, the North and South arrays generate enough energy to power 53 homes in Patterson.
  • Over $6 million will be saved during the 30 year life of the program.
  • 94 percent of clean energy will be generated to meet the energy demand of our city facilities.
  • The clean energy generated from the Chevron project is equivalent to removing 316 cars from the road per year.
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