Garbage Service and Routes

For efficient collection and excellent garbage service, all of Patterson's garbage, green waste, and recyclables are collected by Bertolotti Disposal Inc. Bertolotti uses automated trucks, which lifts heavy carts and bins with automated mechanical arms and lifters. When the trucks are full, drivers take garbage to the County Landfill and Waste to Energy Facility (W.T.E) with recyclables going to a transfer station for sorting.

Transfer Station

At the transfer station, truck drivers empty the recyclables onto a conveyer belt. A system using belts, screens, electromagnets, and blasts of air separate paper, plastics, glass, aluminum, and other materials.

While much of the system is automated, workers help separate certain materials by hand. Disposing of recyclables correctly helps protect the environment and promotes health and safety (e.g., do not recycle needles, diapers, or food waste). Sorted bales and bins of materials are then taken to processing facilities before being sold as resources to manufacturers making new products.

Collection Routes & Schedule

To find out what day your trash is collected, please visit the Garbage Route Map (PDF). Bulky items are scheduled and picked up on Fridays only.

Important Information Regarding Collection Day

Wheel your carts out to the street on your regularly scheduled garbage, green waste, and recycling day. Place recycling, green waste, and garbage carts out together, 2 feet apart, and 3 feet away from any vehicle or obstacle. Put your carts wheels against the curb with the handles facing your house.

If there is a problem putting your carts in the street, please put your carts as close as possible to the street (e.g., in your driveway, on the mow strip, or at the edge of the sidewalk), but please do not block the sidewalk. No hazardous materials of any kind are accepted in your garbage, recycling, or yard waste carts.

Cart Storage

All garbage, recycling, and yard waste carts must be stored out of view from the street. Carts should be rolled out no more than 12 hours before collection and stored out of sight no more than 12 hours after collection.

Garbage service is required for all residential and commercial establishments. Please contact the City of Patterson at 209-895-8040 for more information and schedule of pickups.