Commercial & Industrial Areas

All commercial and industrial areas have access to rail transportation (Northern California Railroad) and truck transportation via Highway 33 and Interstate 5.

City of Patterson Largest Employers


Company NameProduct TypeNumber of Employees
AmazonDistribution Center750
Patterson Unified School DistSchool District568
CVS CaremarkDistribution Center491
WW. GraingerDistribution Center260
Traina Dried FruitsSunday Dried Tomatoes / Fruits170
Company NameProduct TypeNumber of Employees
Kohls Distribution CenterDistribution Center150
Diablo GrandeGolf Resort and Restaurant137
Lucich-Santos FarmsFruit Grower128
AffiniaDistribution Center84
Restoration HardwareDistribution CenterN/A
City of PattersonMunicipal Government144

Additional Information

For information on a business site and facility location, please call 209-895-8020, or visit the Stanislaus Economic Development and Workforce Alliance website.