Encroachment & Trench Cut Permit

An Encroachment Permit (PDF) is required for any construction work performed in the Public Right-of-Way (ROW), city easement, city-owned property, parks, streets, or alleys. Examples of work requiring an encroachment permit include:

  • Trenching across Public ROW for installation of water, sewer, storm drain, cable, or other underground utilities
  • Construction of curb, gutter, sidewalk, driveway approaches, and roadway pavement
  • Installation of swimming pools

Application Information

Please be sure to include the following information on your application:

  • Job addresses (location of where work will be performed)
  • Description of the work to be performed
  • Property owner’s information
  • The contractor’s information (name, address, important numbers)
  • The contractor’s, state contractor’s, and City of Patterson Business License Numbers

Return appropriate insurance information, including the additional insured endorsement, as noted on the permit. If the proposed work will cause interference with the flow of vehicular or pedestrian traffic, you may be required to submit a traffic control plan before permit approval.

Special Events Encroachment Permit & Requirements:

All Special Events that will be held on a public facility or that will encroach on public right-of-way (i.e., Parks, City buildings, Sidewalks, or Streets) must obtain an Encroachment Permit from the City. All event holders will be required to sign off on the Encroachment Permit Requirements and Conditions and comply with all Environmental Program Regulations (F.O.G., Stormwater, Water Conservation, Recycling, and Cross-Connection), which are included in the Special Events Application Package (The event holder must also provide adequate liability insurance, and pay the current Encroachment Permit Fee. All Special Events are coordinated through the City’s Recreation Department. For Further information call (209) 895-8080.

Standard Specifications

View a copy of our standard specifications (PDF) here.

Inspection Fee

The inspection fee is due at the time of permit issuance. This fee will cover the initial and final inspections only. If additional inspections are required, the city will bill the applicant accordingly at an additional $78.70 per inspection. Encroachment Permit inspection fees are listed below:

Type of ServiceCurrent Fee
Water Connection$98.82
Sewer Connection$98.82
Well Monitoring$98.82
Driveway Approach$98.82
Swimming Pool Installation$71.31
Street Painting$71.31
Tree Work$71.31
Curb, Gutter, or Sidewalk Replacement$98.82
Excavations, Street Cuts, Trenching (Utility Companies)$71.31
Other / Miscellaneous$71.31
Additional Inspections (1 Hour Minimum)$78.70