Report a Streetlight Outage

The majority of the streetlights are owned and maintained by the City of Patterson. If you have a light that is out in your neighborhood, please contact the Public Works Department at 209-895-8060, or submit a Customer Service Request.

Information to Provide When Calling

When you call, please provide the following information:

  • Location of streetlight pole number (this number can be found on the front of the pole)
  • Type of pole (metal or wood); this will help us determine if it's an older or newer streetlight
  • How long has the problem has been occurring
  • What type of problem (e.g., it is completely out, flickers, etc.)

Streetlight Vandalism

Remember, streetlights provide light to your neighborhood so it's important that they are taken care of and not vandalized. If you witness streetlight vandalism, please contact the Police Department at 209-892-5071. We need to work together to help the Community be a "brighter" one for everybody!