Storm Water Management Program

Only Rain Down the Drain!

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Only Rain Down the Drain

The Goal of the City's Storm Water Management Program is to ensure that the City's storm drainage system is properly working to help prevent flooding and to protect Water Quality!

Storm Drain System vs Sanitary Sewer System

Storm drain and sanitary sewer systems have two distinct functions and it is very important for people to understand the difference.

Catch basins are the entryway into the Storm Drain System and are typically located at the bottom of a hill or at street corners.

This system collects and transports water and other liquids away from these areas and out to a local waterways (Salado Creek and San Joaquin River) UNTREATEDPlease Note: The Storm Drain System does not remove pollutants from water before it is discharged into our streams and rivers.
The Sanitary Sewer System collects wastewater from indoor plumbing such as sinks, toilets, washing machines, and floor drains where it is transported through underground pipes to a sewage treatment plant. The sewer treatment plant removes many pollutants from wastewater before it is discharged back into the river. Improper disposal of wastes is very harmful to the environment, hazardous to public health, and violates state and federal law.

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Storm Drain System vs Sanitary Sewer System

Storm Drain System vs Sanitary Sewer System

What Pollutes Storm Water?

  • Used Oil
  • Pet waste
  • Irrigation runoff
  • Dirt piles on street/driveways
  • Washing cars on street/driveways
  • Yard clippings, leaves, and green waste
  • Improperly disposing of paint & hazardous materials
  • Litter on ground
  • Pesticide used in gardens

***Please Note: All household hazardous wastes should be taken to the Permanent Household Hazardous Waste Consolidation Facility operated by the County.

Or contact The City of Patterson Department of Public Works to see when local Hazardous Waste Events are scheduled, for any questions call 209-895-8060 or send Peni an email.

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