Current Development Projects

Please contact the City of Patterson Planning Department for more information at 209-895-8020.

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Housing Element Update

The State Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has provided a letter to the city stating the revisions to the Housing Element will meet the state’s requirements for certification. Staff is preparing an updated environmental document and will present the proposed revisions to the Planning Commission and City Council in coming months.

Listed below are the newest businesses open/projects coming soon in town:

  • La Quinta Hotel (coming soon)
  • Palms Plaza (approved)
  • Del Lago Mini Golf and Fun Center (site work underway)
  • S2A Modular Project (approved work underway)
  • Del Lago Mini Golf/Family Center (approved)
  • Hamen Truck Wash (near completion)
  • Popeyes Restaurant (approved)
  • Oishi Teri Restaurant (approved)
  • Downtown Old Water Office (Restaurant Coming Soon) (approved)
  • Sun Valley Industries #2 (Rogers Road - approved)
  • Kapoor Plaza (S 2nd Street - approved)
  • S2A Modular (site work underway)

Housing Projects

  • Self-Help Single Family Homes (2nd phase construction)
  • The Villages of Patterson Apartment Project (Stonegate Villages Apartments -complete)
  • Landon Lane Apartments (approved)
  • Villages of Patterson Apartments- Olive Avenue (building permit status)
  • Patterson Ranch (near completion)
  • Clayton Shire (near completion)
  • Camden Shire (nearing completion)
  • Baldwin Ranch North (construction underway)
  • Triplexes (construction underway)

Projects / Programs

  • CDBG Washburn Street/sidewalk project plans in review

First Time Homebuyer Program

  • City is Accepting Applications

Minor Home Repair Program

  • City is Accepting Applications
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