Community Development/Planning Division

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The Community Development Department performs a variety of services intended to protect, maintain and develop an attractive, safe and healthy community.

Planning Division responsibilities include project analysis for property development and use review. The Planning Division is staff to the City Council, the Planning Commission and the Economic Strategic Commission on planning matters. It is responsible for the implementation of the General Plan through administration of the Zoning Code, Subdivision Map Act, municipal ordinances, California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), annexation law, and special studies as appropriate. The division is also responsible for the administration of housing grants and programs, home occupation permits, use permits and variances, and coordination of architectural preservation matters.

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- Where the City is headed in the future (general plan)
- About rezoning a property for a specific use
-About annexing land into the City Limits
-About the construction of a new building
-About Opening a new business in Town or a Home Business
-Where you can put a sign or banner in town
-About purchasing a home through our First Time Homebuyer (FTH) Program
-About Minor Home Repair